Y Linh Ho village is known by many tourists because of its wild and poetic beauty. The village is covered by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. In addition to the mountains, the village also has streams, terraced fields, corn fields, etc. Inside the village are houses made of primitive and simple bamboo. The atmosphere in the village is very quiet, noiseless, not as bustling as the tourist places inside Sapa town.

Tourists visiting Y Linh Ho village will have a chance to see the terraced fields and large corn fields, which are very well cared for by the people here who live mainly on agriculture. In the ripe rice season, the village welcomes hundreds of visitors to visit and take photos of ripe rice fields.

The wild beauty of the natural landscape in Y Linh Ho village is not only the terraces but also Hoang Lien Son mountain, the beautiful and peaceful Muong Hoa stream. Muong Hoa stream flows through Y Linh Ho village, bringing new vitality to nature here.