Travel Ha Giang Detail

Located about 300 kilometers from Hanoi Capital, Ha Giang is one of the greatest places to enjoy the grandiose mountainous landscape in Northwest Vietnam. With only 120 years of history, Ha Giang is quite a new city which has been faced with a lot of difficulties in term of unfavorable location and low level of infrastructure but recently, this place has changed a lot to attract a large number of visitors. The weather here is cool in the summer and cold in the winter.

Ha Giang is well-known for the extensive area of limestone with unique formation of peaky rocks, fanciful natural caves with fantastic shapes of stalactites and magnificent forests. 

In addition, exploring the unique culture of ethnic minorities is an interesting experience for tourists. You will have the chance to know about their wedding, worship, festivals, and a funeral. 

The best way to explore Ha Giang is to take a trekking tour or by motorbikes in order to visit ethnic hamlets living separately from mainstream society. Coming here, you will be welcomed by friendly local people with their specialty called Thang Co. 

To get to Ha Giang, you can travel by car or motorbikes from Hanoi and through Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho, and Tuyen Quang. 

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