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Lao Cai is a mountainous province in the northwest of Vietnam which is adjacent to Yunnan province of China in the north. The total area of Lao Cai province is 6,383.9 square kilometers which are home to 602,300 people. Lao Cai’s topography is divided into three main forms which are valley region, low and high mountain regions. The highest peak of Lao Cai is Fansipan mount with a height of 3.143 meters above the sea level. This province is also the first point of the Red River in its journey flowing into Vietnam’s territory.

Lao Cai city is the capital of Lao Cai province, but Sapa is much more well-known than the provincial capital because this is an attractive tourist town in Vietnam. Ha Khau border gate is a common way in the border of Vietnam and China which is the place exchanging the goods of people of two countries. This border gate is reopened in 1993 after being closed due to Vietnam China war in years.

Lao Cai is still a poor province but it has a lot of potentials of the tourism development and Sapa located in Muong Hoa valley is a tourist ace of this province with the majestic but poetic natural beauty and unique ethnic cultural identities. Besides that, nestled in the heart of Hoang Lien Son national park, Fansipan is considered the roof of Vietnam as well as Indochina peninsula. Recent years, there is a cable car route operating in Fansipan, tourists can easily conquer this mount without loss of energy.

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