New features in Hung Kings Festival 2013

New features in Hung Kings Festival 2013

Hung Kings Temple is a famous relics complex in Phu Tho. If you’ve ever joined the festival of the temple, you might want to know about its new features since 2013.

Hung Kings Temple welcomes tourists from many places all year round, but the best time to blend into the bustling festival atmosphere is the spring. At this time, the weather is quite cooling. The spring festival atmosphere here will give visitors a more exciting experience.

Where is Hung Kings Temple?

The tourism complex of Hung Kings Temple is located in Viet Tri city, about 90km from Hanoi. Hung Kings Temple Festival in Phu Tho is a national festival to commemorate the Kings who had built the country. The custom of this occasion has become a long-standing cultural tradition in the country. It is a sacred and noble holiday in Vietnamese folk consciousness. Therefore, this land always attracts a lot of tourists coming to visit and incense.

Also, it has many unique monuments and attractions for visitors.

Hung Kings Museum

It is a 2-floor museum area, which is home to more than 700 original artifacts, 163 paintings, 9 bronze mounds, 5 vase boxes and many other objects of historical value. Entering the museum, visitors admire, explore the archeological artifacts which bring the historic features and learn the process of building, keeping the country of Hung Kings.

Temple of Au Co Mother

Au Co Mother Temple

Au Co Mother Temple

It is an exceptional architectural work, where worships of Au Co, the mother of the first Hung King who created Van Lang country (the original name of Vietnam). The temple has a rustic and delicate beauty with old banyan trees, Loan well, Giac mountain, and the meandering Red river far away, etc.

Ha temple, Trung temple, Thuong temple, and Gieng temple

These are all 4 sacred temples, scattering around the Hung Temples tourist complex. They attract tourists to visit, celebrate, pray for peace, health, and luck.

Ao Chau lagoon

It is an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers of water surface, including 100 large and small islands located in Ha Hoa district. It has rich flora and fauna and a peaceful atmosphere.

Xuan Son National Park

Located in Thanh Son district with an area of ​​up to 18,369 hectares, it is a land of wild natural beauty and a diverse ecosystem with a large number of plants.

Lang cave

The large cave is located in Thanh Son district with stalactites in various strange and beautiful shapes.

Fairy stream

The stream concentrates more than 10 large, small waterfalls and colorful pebbles.

The Fairy stream

The Fairy stream

The new features of the Hung Kings Temple Festival

The offering of eight provinces representing three regions in the country to the ancestors will be one of the new features during the death anniversary of the Hung Kings and the Hung Kings Temple Festival 2013.

The information was released by the People’s Committee of Northern Midland at a press briefing in Hanoi on April 1.

The provinces would include Lang Son and Ha Nam in the North; Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Dak Lak, and Binh Dinh in the Central; and Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau in the South, said the committee’s Vice Chairman Ha Ke San, who is also head of the festival’s organizing board.

On this occasion, the province will organize a ceremony to receive a certificate recognizing “the Worship of Hung Kings in Phu Tho” as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

According to San, the opening ceremony on April 13 or the March 4 of the lunar month is expected to draw representatives from 24 countries in the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee on implementing the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It would be broadcast live on the Vietnam Television’s channel VTV1, he said, adding that high-range fireworks would light up the Phu Tho sky on that opening evening.

The week-long event will feature a wide range of activities, including a street festival on main roads in Viet Tri city and Hung Kings Square, photo exhibitions on the worship of Hung Kings and the culture of the ancestral land, a Chung cake and Giay cake competition, and Xoan singing performance.

The Chung cake and Giay cake contest

The Chung cake and Giay cake contest

The Worship of Hung Kings was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity at the seventh session of the UNESCO committee in Paris on December 6, 2012. Vietnamese legends recount the rule of the 18 Hung King dynasties during the first period of Vietnamese history, between 2879-258 BC.

The worshipping rituals are closely related to the worship of ancestors that is a tradition of most Vietnamese families and an essential part of the people’s spiritual lives.

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