Love Waterfall- an unmissable spot in Sapa

Love Waterfall- an unmissable spot in Sapa

As one of Sapa attractions, with charming beauty, Love waterfall not only offers visitors the chance to mix with nature but also is an ideal spot for photography.

Sapa has been renowned for the picturesque natural landscapes and the unique, diverse local cultures of the ethnic tribes. Of which, Love waterfall is a must-visit destination appealing several tourists. Do not forget to take Sapa cheap tours to get more information about what to do or when to go Sapa Vietnam.

Charming beauty of nature

Being 14 kilometers from Sapa town to the Southwest, Love waterfall is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district. It is one of the unmissable tourist spots in the journey of exploring Sapa.

Love waterfall is also the starting point of the journey climbing to conquer Fansipan peak. Taciturn canopies of old mossy surround the primitive forest here. The lush immense greenish bamboo forest is dotted with red, yellow and white colors of azalea flowers.

Traveling to Love waterfall

Traveling to Love waterfall

Together with this, you can hear the soothing rustling sound of trees in the birdsongs and wind. The spectacular natural scenery looks like the ink painting, making Love waterfall one of the appealing tourist sites in Sapa, attracting the large volume of both domestic and overseas visitors.

The zigzag red-soiled path leads travelers to Love waterfall that is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sapa. Walking on a soil road full of fragrant flower on the two sides to the falls, tourists may be increasingly more and more curious about how magnificent the waterfall is. From distant, the fall resembles the conical hat, sometimes a stream of light sparkles under the brilliant golden sunshine.

With a height of nearly 100 meters, Love waterfall starts from Fansipan peak and keeps the cold air of the mountains noisily falling down Golden stream as the great epic or a never-ending song of the immense jungle. The stream seems to flow to the forest endlessly, to some spots that only passionate and adventurous people daring to venture can reach.

With a visit to the falls on a foggy day, travelers will feel like they are getting lost in Penglai because of the surrounding dim. Discovering the extraordinary beauty of Love waterfall is absolutely one of the most memorable things to do in Sapa.

The anecdote about the sad romance

Love waterfall is attached to a myth of romantic love between human and fairy. Formerly, the fairies often go down the waterfall to take a bath or swim. One day, the 7th fairy noticed a woodcutter named O Quy Ho who was the eldest son of Mountain Lord, managing Ai Lao mountain. She found him cooking and playing the flute by the stream. Once, due to enthusiastically listening to his song, the fairy didn't remember the way to her home.

Love waterfall is attached to the myth of romantic love

Love waterfall is attached to a myth of romantic love 

Under the flickering firelight, O Quy Ho played the flute for her to enjoy. Everything would be alright until one day, her story was spread. As a result, her parents did not permit her to visit the waterfall with her sisters. Because of missing the woodcutter, every day, she went to the sky gate looking down the falls and waiting for the familiar sound of his flute. She anxiously waited in vain and sadness for a long time.

Then, the fairy turned into a yellow phoenix flying around the mountain peak and repeatedly call his lover's name. The locals also used the bird's singing to name O Quy Ho mountain. The waterfall where fairies frequently used to land on was named Love waterfall to commemorate the sad-ending love of the couple. This touching story contributes to stimulating the desire to explore Love waterfall of any visitors when coming to Sapa.

Finding the source of a romantic love story will surely excite travelers. Once setting foot on here and hear the legend of the couple's romance, tourists will get unforgettable experiences. These findings will surely leave the strong impressions on tourist's mind.

Visiting Love waterfall, tourists will not only contemplate the charming untouched natural sceneries but also immerse themselves in the fresh water, lean their head on a mossy rock to forget all worries, tiredness, and troubles of the hustle and bustle of the modern life. Love waterfall plays a significant role in bringing the beautiful Sapa town closer to both domestic and overseas travelers.

The nearby Golden stream

The nearby Golden stream

Insider tips

  • It will take about 30 minutes to reach Love waterfall by car or taxi from the central Sapa town. Moreover, you may hire a motorbike that will take around 1 hour to get there.

  • It’s sincerely advisable for you to carry a raincoat or umbrella since there are no shelters along the road.

  • If you get there in the spring or summer, you can go swimming.

  • To avoid losing the way, make sure you follow your fellow or group.

  • On rainy days or occasionally winter days, the route may be slippery.

Love waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist sites in Sapa. It not only is the ideal place for relaxation but also offer an opportunity to explore the legendary love story that has been passed down to generations in this land. Do not hesitate to explore Love waterfall and have an unforgettable trip. If you find the article useful for you, don’t hesitate to like and share it with others. Thank you.