The best bars in Sapa

The best bars in Sapa

Sapa is an ideal place for those loving to explore nature and culture, especially foreigners. So, there’s no lack of attractive bars to serve tourists to the town.

In recent years, Sapa has been one of the most famous tourist spots in Vietnam. The development of tourism leads to the occurrence of several services that are increasingly upgraded.

In an isolated area like Sapa, nowadays, it’s not challenging to find a bar with excellent service. Here is our suggestion for the Sapa tourist attractions of bars.

6 best bars in Sapa

  1. Bamboo Bar
  2. Bebop Bar
  3. H' mong Sisters Bar and Game
  4. The Hill Station
  5. Tau Bar
  6. Mountain Bar and Pub

Bamboo Bar

Address: 18 Muong Hoa street, Sapa town

As the biggest bar in Sapa, the Bamboo Bar attracts lots of visitors by unique and eye-catching decoration. In the cozy atmosphere, it’s exciting to try the beverage with exquisite flavor. The menu is also varied.

Notably, the bar offers the performances of traditional music and dancing of the ethnic tribes in Sapa. Visitors can not only watch these stunning performances but also join them from the local communes. Visiting Bamboo Bar is a chance for you to mingle with the unique cultural values.

Bebop bar

Address: 19 Cau May street, Sapa town

Bebop bar is quite distinctive that looks like a café rather than a typical bar. It is not flashy and crowded but unbelievably quiet. The place comprises two floors, a billiard table, and a specific area for music performance. Visitors are free to play a piece of music incidentally with any instrument there.

If you are looking for something deeper and more profound, the second floor is the ideal space. In a balcony toward the street, observing the vibrant motions of the flocks of people underneath and taking a hot cup of coffee, you can feel the impressive mountainous taste blending with your every single sip.

Coming to Bebop, even the strictest customers will be pleased.

H'Mong Sisters Bar and Game

Address: 31 Muong Hoa, Sapa town

H’Mong Sisters Bar

H’Mong Sisters Bar

If you are looking for excitement, this bar is for you. The H’Mong Sisters is one of the best bars at night in Sapa thanks to the cheerful and joyful atmosphere.

As soon as you take the first step into the bar, you can suddenly notice the music played in the high volume and the sounds of the conservations.

Despite being small-sized, thanks to the appropriate design, customers don't feel cramped with the low wooden chairs and tables under the golden light and a billiard table near the site for playing darts. The lounge is also furnished with many high chairs in modern style.

The menu is varied and creative. You can find several types of cocktail made in a new style with the lingering mountainous flavors.

The Hill Station

Address: 7 Muong Hoa street

The Hill Station

The Hill Station

The Hill Station is the symbol of everlasting love and the respect toward the land that used to be called the Tonkinese Alps. The architectural style of The Hill Station is the perfect harmony between both the delicate traditional feature and the simple Western factors.

You can choose to sit on the first floor to look toward the street or the second floor to have a quiet corner for the rustic appeal. On chilly nights, you can have some snacks such as buffalo meat, salmon, etc. The cozy atmosphere is perfectly suitable for group and family gathering.

Tau Bar

Address: Hoang Mai hotel, Cau May street, Sapa town

Being a stylish bar in Sapa, this bar has a weird name “Tau.” According to the manager, Tau is the name of the type of wood used to decorate the bar. Besides, there is an eye-catching sofa next to the walls, creating a cozy feeling.

At the bar, there is also a map showing the must-visit destinations when coming to Sapa, which may be useful to new tourists. The outstanding thing about Tau Bar is that the images of Sapa people are painted beautifully on the walls, which leave a strong impression on visitors.

Coming here, you can chat with H’Mong people who are friendly and good at speaking English or play billiard with them. The staffs are quite enthusiastic. At the misty and rainy night, the manager welcomes the guests at the gate and takes the umbrella for them.

Mountain Bar & Pub

Address: 2 Muong Hoa, Sapa town

Mountain Bar & Pub

Mountain Bar & Pub

The menu of Mountain Bar & Pub is diverse with various types of alcohol, cocktail, juice, and coffee. The beverage has an exquisite flavor. Despite being a little bit small, the bar is adorned beautifully with the dominant color of light brown.

It’s incredibly enjoyable to have a cup of cocktail in the cozy atmosphere among the coldness of Sapa. The staffs are attentive and welcoming. The price is reasonable compared with other bars in the zone.

The unique atmosphere of Sapa bars always attracts both domestic travelers as well as international tourists. Not crowded, noisy, luxurious or flashy, the peaceful and friendly space of these places are factors luring the customers, making them an excellent way to relax after a long day discovering. If you need further information about Sapa tours Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website. Thank you and have a great trip!