The extraordinary beauty of Tien Sa waterfall

The extraordinary beauty of Tien Sa waterfall

Sapa has been renowned for the picturesque natural landscapes and the diverse local culture of the ethnic groups, which stimulates the curiosity of the travelers. One of the must-visit tourist spots in Sapa is Tien Sa waterfall that not only allows the visitors to sightsee the beautiful sceneries but also have a glimpse at the unique local culture. Do not forget to Sapa tours to get more information about what to do in Sapa and top budget accommodations in Sapa.

Where is the Tien Sa waterfall?

Being 3 kilometers away from the center of Sapa town to the North, Tien Sa waterfall is situated in San Tu Ho commune, Cat Cat village. Despite being small-sized, this is a cultural and ecotourism tourist site attracting many visitors annually.

The water is plentiful during the rainy season (frequently May to August each year), and this is the best time to explore Tien Sa. If you go in the dry season, the scene will be drear since the water is scarce with the unanimated rock blocks.

The route to Tien Sa Waterfall is quite easily accessible as well as easier to travel than other spots around Sapa. From Sapa Stone Church, you follow the direction toward Fansipan Mountain to Cat Cat Village. In recent years, the path has been significantly upgraded, so it’s a good idea to walk to Cat Cat village.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village

Choosing this way, you will take a chance to enjoy the picturesque sceneries over the valley with the lush terraced paddy fields, witness the daily activities of the locals or mix with the flocks of the ethnic groups go jogging. It sounds fantastic, right? After that, you will come to cross the suspension bridges that are made of bamboo. The bridge may be shaking when you go through it. But don’t worry. It is a natural response to the bridge and won’t be risky.

The extraordinary attraction of Tien Sa waterfall

Tien Sa waterfall which is also known with the name Cat Cat waterfall is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sapa. From the mountain, each stream of water pours out, creating the lively natural sound, together with the cheerful sounds of insects in the forest. The rushing of the water echoes in the space. The atmosphere is tranquil and animated at the same time. The air around the waterfall is extremely fresh, and the climate is pretty cool.

You will be excited to feel the relaxing smell of the immense lush jungles. Why don’t you take a deep breath and fill your mind and heart with the breath of the majestic mountain? You will surely feel relaxed than ever. Sometimes, you can watch the performance of the traditional dances by the youngsters from the town in the enchanting natural landscape. It will surely excite you.

Located on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Tien Sa fall is embraced by the protection of Mother Nature. Around the waterfall is the green color of the lush fields, mountains, and jungles, interwoven into the small houses of the residential.

When you walk down to the waterfall, it's a good idea to stop at the house of villagers. A typical traditional house comprises three rooms including one large room for the whole family to sleep in, a room for cooking and a room for eating. Entering the home, you will notice heaps of long brownish-yellow things hanging from the high ceiling. Truthfully, these things are corn cobs that are hung upside down from the roof. It is a unique traditional custom of H'mong tribe. That action is done to dry out the greens and use its seeds for the upcoming harvest.

Moreover, you will be certainly amazed to observe the family members by the open stove. The fire heated a rock block to cook the food inside the saucepan that is put on top. The house was entirely made of natural resources. It's such as a stunning lifestyle when your living place blends with nature like this. Outside the house, it's not difficult to see ladies weaving fabric in a hand-loom. This job requires the maker to be patient and meticulous. These women are admirable; she adds elegant and pretty embroidery to the fabric.

Tien Sa Waterfall

Tien Sa Waterfall 

Along the stone stairs leading to the village center, you will find various stalls that are set up to introduce and sell traditional handicraft products of the H’Mong community. With the sophisticated, stylish patterns, the handmade brocade items which are made by the ingenious hands of the local ladies not only bring vitality to the pretty village among the jungles but also reflect the diverse spiritual life of H'mong people.

In the village, nearly 80 households are settled down along the stone path. Some houses scattered on the slopes. A few hundred meters from the center of Cat Cat is the convergence of Gold, Silver streams and Cat Cat waterfall. Next to the waterfall are two suspension bridges: Si and A Lu bridges which impress many visitors by the scenic view. Many tourists stop here and take marvelous souvenir photos.

Insider tips:

►In the rainy days, the stone stairways may be slippery, so you are highly recommended to carry the proper walking shoes, instead of flip-flops.

►When reaching the Tien Sa waterfall, you must walk. However, at the end of the tour, you can have the local men take you to the entrance gate by motorbike since shortcuts are leading to the starting point.

►You may go trekking for a long time so remember to carry enough water.

Hidden in the forests and mountains, Tien Sa waterfall is truly a heavenly place with the charming beauty that can touch the heart of any visitors. Let’s go walking through Cat Cat village, discover the daily lives of the locals and contemplate the lovely Tien Sa Waterfall.